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Wealth-Lab Pro v6.9
22 Oct 2020
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.8
13 Nov 2014
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.7
13 Jun 2014
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.6
3 Feb 2014
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.4
11 Apr 2013
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.3
6 Mar 2012
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.2
22 Jun 2011
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.1
21 Jan 2011
Wealth-Lab Pro v6.0
27 Aug 2010
Wealth-Lab Pro v5.6
17 Dec 2009
Wealth-Lab Pro v5.5
31 Oct 2009
Wealth-Lab Pro v5.4
9 Jul 2009
Wealth-Lab Pro v5.3
5 Mar 2009
Wealth-Lab Pro v5.1
30 Sep 2008
Wealth-Lab Pro v5.0
5 Nov 2008
Wealth-Lab Pro v4.5
16 Mar 2008
Wealth-Lab Pro v4.3
9 Apr 2008

What's new

v6.7 [13 Jun 2014]
Equity Summary Score is a fundamental data provider that allows you to use historical and current equity summary score data points in a trading strategy. Equity Summary Scores consolidate the leading independent stock research providers' relative, historical recommendation performance along with other factors to provide an aggregate, accuracy-weighted indication of the independent research firms' stock sentiment.
Some reasons why you would use Equity Summary Score data include:
- To screen out unreliable stocks from trading strategies
- To monitor the consolidated opinion of independent research firms about a certain stock
- To view historical scores/sentiments and use them in trading strategies
- To view ESS across a group of stocks such as a DataSet or Portfolio

v6.3 [6 Mar 2012]
Combination Strategies and Backtesting
--(43341) A Strategy used more than once in a Combination Strategy but with different parameters will properly report results for each strategy instance. Previously, only one set of results were reported for all instances.
--(30461) When a runtime error occurs in a child Strategy, the strategy producing the error will be annotated in the Debug Window, but the Combination Strategy Simulation will continue normal processing.
-- (26522) When 'Apply dividends' is checked, an internal exception will no longer occur for certain performance visualizers (Equity Curve, By Strategy) in Combination strategy mode.
--(30248) When Benchmark Buy & Hold is enabled and the DataSet contains a symbol whose starting date doesn't fall in data range, an "Index Out of Range" exception will no longer occur for multi-symbol backtests.
-- (43339) GetExternalSymbol() will no longer produce an exception in Combination Strategies.
-- (35657) Fidelity Symbol Management involving Quarantine and Delete Symbol is again operative.
-- (13937) Named Series are no longer lost depending on the data loading range selection. Previously, Named Series were present in the data when "Load All Data" is selected but were lost when switching to other data loading range settings like X bars, Y months/etc. This applies to all providers that register named series such as ASCII or TradingBlox.
--(43491) Strategies that use Keltner Bands will no longer crash the application when attempting to execute on a symbol having zero bars.
--(43340) Bollinger Band rules no longer mix up specified series for CrossOver/Under and Above/Below tests. The change only affects strategies that specified series other than "Close".
--(44245) The period and smoothing parameters were reversed in the wizard generated code (e.g., 3, 10 instead of 10, 3) for the rule "Stochastic %D crosses above overbought level".
--(26529) "A/D Volume" Index Definition is fixed for values occurring before the year 2003.
--(35658) Last run Strategy will no longer be moved to the bottom of the folder in the Open Strategy dialog.
-- (35659) Symbol Info Manager Tick specification will no longer change to the Decimal Preference each time a strategy is run on certain DataSets, such as ASCII.
--(30924) Distribution graphs for built-in visualizers (Profit Distribution, MAE/MFE, and By Period) won't intermittently fail to display the left-most distribution bar.
--(27744) Symbols containing a non-alphanumeric character will no longer cause the HeatMap to unload and display an error message.
--(26535) Named Series for External Symbols are again supported.
--(26534) The NamedSeries collection is no longer lost when calling Synchronize().
--(27742) The SystemPerformance.Bars list for Combination child strategies is no longer empty. Visualizer developers may need to recompile with a references to the updated WealthLab.dll for 6.3 compatibility.
--(26532) An exception that occurred on Named DataSeries when using math operations (*,-, , etc.) is fixed.

v6.2 [22 Jun 2011]
Wealth-Lab Pro has an integrated solution for multi-system testing: Combination Strategies. As the name implies, you can combine two or more strategies in a single Portfolio Simulation backtest. The child strategies operate on a specified allocation or overall starting capital and each can run on different DataSets and/or in different scales. According to modern portfolio theory, by properly combining non-correlated strategies/instruments you can theoretically hedge for different market conditions, potentially improving profit, reducing risk, and/or smoothing the equity curve over the test period.
The enhancement includes:
-a new Combination Strategy view for the Strategy Window (instead of the Editor or Rules tab) to configure combinations of existing Strategies
-the ability to prioritize and allocate funds to each strategy added to a Combination Strategy
-capability to add a Combination Strategy to another Combination Strategy
-Performance Visualizer enhancements to show and plot overall results as well as individual results of the child strategies

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